Monday, April 18, 2011

Make It!

We've recently changed the look of our wall behind the counter. It's filled with art work from thrift and antique shops, some new personal ones, and awards. Our shoppers have expressed interest in some of them and one of them I've made and will share with you so you can make one too!

It's the mustache in a frame! I made this guy in 2008 and I've been happy to have kept it; since we've moved a lot since then (and I tend to lose things when we move).
This mustache in a frame is beyond easy to make and super affordable. It cost me only $2!
So here's a fast, super easy and inexpensive way to add a little mustachary to your life and walls!

Frame (I found my frame at a thrift store. They have the coolest & cheapest frames!)

1. Fold your felt in half and begin to cut on the folded end.
A suggestion is to cut out what may look like a whale! (I know, I know, don't judge me)
If you can not free hand your mustache simply draw one on paper, cut that out and use as a guide for your felt.

2. Open up your whale and TADA! It's a mustache!

3. Tape your mustache to the background of the frame to keep it centered.
We used a white cardstock for our background. Other options are kraft paper, colorful paper or even your choice of fabric.

4. Next, close it up and hang it on the wall!

Happy Monday Friends!!


  1. This project is FAB! I can see why so many customers have asked about it. Thanks for the fun tutorial!

  2. You're so adorable, Stela! I love the eclectic look of the wall.