Saturday, April 16, 2011

In January we noticed something different on the electrical box on the corner by our shop. From afar it looked like a robot holding a sign but we couldn't see the written words. As we got closer we were surprised to find that it was a positive message, saying "I heart downtown". We thought it was the coolest thing and were really pumped to have some sweet art on our block.

Soon after our new friend popped up on the corner of 2nd and Broadway more lego men started showing up around downtown on buildings, except the new ones had been made of paper and put up with organic water soluble paste that would dissolve when wet.

The artist who is doing this is a mystery, but everyone is calling them "The Builder" and they just recently created a facebook profile. The Builder just started making magnets that say "I love Enid" and placing them around town and giving clues to where you can find it. It's cool to see friends and family set out to find them.

Today they posted on their facebook a picture of a flower and showed there were two planted in different locations in town. We immediately paid the check at the restaurant and ran out the door to get a flower!

We found the flower on the corner of Grand and Randolph Downtown!
I jumped and screamed, I was super pumped it was still there!
And of course we had to take tons of photos.

We knew the perfect spot to put our new flower...
Our store window!

I love what "The Builder" is bringing to Enid. Not only is the art they are putting up positive and awesome but they are now getting interactive and it's fun to figure out where the magnets and flowers are hiding. So far, they've been hiding in historic places which is such a cool idea.

If you're in Enid and would love to join in on the fun or just keep up with what's going on please add the Enid Lego Builder as a friend on facebook!

And also, I encourage you to read the interview with the builder over at Route 60 Sentinel (which is an awesome blog)! Read the interview HERE!


  1. The picture of you holding the flower with your hair blowing in the wind is SO gorgeous! You're quite the little supermodel. I'm glad you guys got a flower to call your own. It looks perfect in your storefront!

  2. gotta love what the builder is doing in enid. so much fun! i need to get in on the hunt sometime if i weren't so darn busy haha