Thursday, April 14, 2011

indie organization

Here at the felt bird we love to build our displays or find them at garage sales, thift or antique shops. It has more personality and it's cost effective! This display below is great for those who have several necklaces. Most necklaces are great little art pieces so it's nice to display them and also this keeps them nice and organized.

We found old hat racks for our necklaces and kept one the original brown color and painted the other holder yellow.
These are also perfect for holding handbags, scarves and headbands.

Another great way to display your necklaces at home is to find old hooks and a slab of wood. We painted our hooks bright colors.

A personal way I display my headbands, necklaces, and current handbags at home is with pegboard and hooks.
This way keeps my headbands from being damaged.

You can find pegboard and hooks at any home improvement store. They originally come in a brown color so we painted my board light blue.

I always feel better when I'm organized and when it makes my home a bit prettier!

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