Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet a Maker--Sunshine and Carousels

We'd like to introduce you to one of our brand new amazing artist that sells with us!
For this Meet a Maker series we interviewed Erin Wilson, awesome creator of Sunshine and Carousels.
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Awesomeness: hair accessories, necklaces, earrings

1. How did you come up with the name Sunshine and Carousels?
I started to think of things that I love, things that reflect me. One of my favorite things in the world are the days when the temperature is perfect, soft breeze and the sky is perfectly sunny. I feel on these days I'm absolutely invincible. With the warm sunlight dancing on my face and the wind in my hair, I can do anything, be anything and it's the most motivating feeling in the world. So this is where the 'Sunshine' comes from. For the carousel...I've always loved carousels. When you go to a fair, zoo, carnival...wherever, the most beautiful thing at these events is the carousel. It's pretty, colorful and down right magical.

2. Can you tell us a little about your background and what compelled you to start a craft business?
I've studied art and fine arts since I was 12 years old. I have a love for painting but starting a family and having little ones around it isn't practical to have hazardous oil paints out everyday so I started putting my artistic mind to work. I began making handmade accessories as a hobby and quickly saw my hobby turn into a full time business. I wanted to create wearable accessories that make women feel magical and pretty.

3. Where does your inspiration come from?
I'm inspired by nature foremost. I was taught from a young age to look at the world differently, to learn to paint and draw, I see the greens in trees and folds in the petals of flowers a little differently than most. A simple fall tree or blooming spring flower can be the most powerful inspiration for me. I also love old movies, period piece movies and anything with Audrey Hepburn ...I love to see how fashion has changed over the years and I try to emulate my love for those things into what I create. Most of all anything that is happy and sweet...from blowing bubbles with my daughter to watching the beautiful scenery on a long road trip all of it gives me the biggest rush of inspiration.

4. What are your favorite things to do for fun?
For fun I love to make handmade decor for my home. It may seem funny that I spend most of my day creating and making...I'll spend an hour a day making a fun project for my house at the end of the day. I love thrifting and hunting for treasures. I also love to bake and make pretty pastries. I give them away as gifts to friends and family but the baking part is so therapeutic for me. You can probably find my husband, daughter and I having picnic dates at the park and random dance parties at our house. Those are the most fun things for me.

5. What's next for Sunshine and Carousels?
I am working on the Sunshine and Carousel's fall line which will include a little more sparkle and magic. I cannot tell you now...it's a secret. :) I'm also working on moving into a brand new studio and making a spectacular place to work and show the ins and outs of my work and special projects on my blog.

6. Any tips or advice for anyone starting their own craft business?
My first advice would be to start slowly and BE YOURSELF. I know so many people that want to have a handmade business and have so many great ideas but end up trying to do too much to fast. I would focus on a few items that you truly love and reflect the things you love and your own personality and put your time and love into making those the best and most quality items and then branch out from there. Most importantly I believe that if you are going to start a business, make things that you really LOVE, because when you love them your excitement shows and that excitement will spread.

7. How would you spend a million dollars?
Start my own brick and mortar boutique with a cute cupcake boutique in the back and teach crafting classes at the tables while people enjoy delicious treats and build relationships I would travel the world. I would love to go backpacking in Europe...catch a train to Paris. All the romantic things one dreams of. I would just love to see everything. Oh, and probably decorate my house with all the cutest things I could possibly find. :)

8. What would you tell your 16 year old self?
I would tell my 16-year-old self that she was going to be pretty darn awesome when she's 26. :) No really, I would tell her to enjoy everyday and enjoy all the little moments in life and to always believe in herself because she can do anything she sets her heart to.

9. 5 random facts about you
- I'm an extreme night owl.
- I drink way to much coffee.
- I love to work, I love my job and creating. I could be out shopping and having the best time ever and I still yearn to be back home working on pretty creations.
- I love hip hop music (even though I'm a strong indie folk music lover) it's a guilty pleasure. Shhh...don't tell.
- I love love love pirates. :)

You can now find Erin's headbands, hair clips, earrings and necklaces at the felt bird!

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  1. great interview! Love Erin's hair accessories and jewelry!!

  2. Erin is such a sweetheart! ♥

  3. She is a sweetheart and her products are so lovely! Great feature, yall :)

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