Thursday, August 6, 2009

day 5 & 6

Yesterday was a seriously exhausting day.
It started out like this...

here's one of the many piles of tiles

The tile scrapper pooped out on us so we had to get rid of the rest of the tile by hand!

The final 100!!


Now the store is tileless and it's wonderful. I have a lot of mopping days ahead of me. It's going to take A LOT of cleaning to get that floor ready for paint.

I think the hardest part of taking out the tile was throwing it away. By that I mean, loading all the broken tile in a wheel barrel and lifting it over my head into the dumpster. That. was. brutal. I had noodle arms.
Later that night our awesome friend, Ben, came by to help Riley fill this scary hole that's in the back of our store!! I'm so thankful for his help.

Yay for the beards!

Today Riley started painting the ceiling and right now Ben and Riley are putting down more cement and also smoothing out some bumpy spots on the floors. We don't want anyone tripping!


  1. this is amazing to see all the progress :) good luck to you guys and stay hydrated :)


  2. Look at our manly mens! Bein allll manly and fixin shit!

  3. I can feel your pain! When we bought our house every room but one had commercial tile from about 1964 glued to the floor. We scraped and tossed every last piece. WHAT A MESS!

    We wanted to do scored concrete...but the tile glue is impossible to get up. So, if you are thinking of getting it up, let me just save you the trouble: it does not come up. We tried bleach, acetone, detergent, that stuff called "oops"...nothing worked! We had to tile over the glue...of course with lovely ceramic tiles...not commercial.

    Drop by my blog, I am giving stuff away!

    Take a hot bath and get some Sports Cream for your arms.

    Yay! Riley! You are getting lots of good boyfriend points!

  4. You guys are doing such an awesome job - such professionals!! :) I hope you're not too sore to mop today! Happy friday... are you taking a day off this weekend or working thru it??

  5. Blogger Megan V said...
    Happy friday...are you taking a day off this weekend or working thru it??

    **Riley is working through it! I'm waiting at home for merchandise to come (woot woot!) and he's painting the ceiling today.

  6. I just found this blog, and it's so interesting! Congratulations on a tile-less floor!

  7. You guys are such hard workers! And you're all smiles too, I'm so impressed. I love all the progress I'm seeing here. It's awesome. :-)