Friday, August 7, 2009

I stayed behind to wait for our packages while Riley started painting the ceiling.

Some of the merchandise we got in:
Berkley Illustration!!
We will be carrying his 5x7 prints and awesome magnets!!
Who can resist animals in suits?

We got in some hilarious stationary!

And amazingly awesome mugs & pint glasses from Bread and Badger!! I like the tagline: "Like a tattoo for your home". So cool

After all the packages arrived I headed to the store to help Riley paint our ceiling.
He was having troubles with the paint sprayer (of course, again!) so we decided to take down the tiles and paint them with a roller.

That ended up taking a long time because we had to wait for them to dry.

Our friend Ben and his family saved our lives again by letting us borrow a paint sprayer they had. This sprayer actually worked AND Riley got to look like a ghostbuster!!

Now painting the ceiling is moving right along! We ran out of paint; so we'll have to continue tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. i love every single one of the things you got in :) Especially the mustache mugs, but also especially the animal superlatives. Very awesome.

  2. I LOVE the button with the cowboy dinosaur. SO awesome.

  3. The store is going to be adorable!

  4. All your stuff is looking so great!!!!!! I can't wait for the openingggggg!!!!!!