Friday, July 31, 2009


We've moved into our new retail space today!!!!!

We are so excited to begin making this space into The Felt Bird!!

Here's the view from the cash wrap

view from the front door

our lovely window

Dexter can't wait for visitors

We have A LOT of painting to do!! I'm actually looking forward to it!! We have big plans to sit there tonight and stare. It's going to be awesome.

Oh, and here's the view from the second floor window where Riley plans to have his studio.

We plan to update this more frequently now that we have our space; so please check back with us often!!


  1. Wow, I just love it!! The photo of the door being unlocked by its new owners for the first time is so exciting, and I love the fact that Dexter approves of the new place. He's so cute. Will he be staying at the shop a lot? Because I'd love to meet him sometime when I come and see the place! I didn't know it had a studio upstairs either, that's a huge plus.

    I'm going to make your cupcakes this weekend and ship them out soon after, so they should be there before the 15th. I came up with what I think is a really cute way to display them too, but I'll wait and let that part be a surprise when it comes in the mail. Have fun with the renovations in your awesome new space! I know you guys will do great things with it. :-)

  2. yay you're moved in! i love the big shop window! and i can't wait to come meet dexter!

  3. You guys are so awesome. I can't wait to see your progress as you get the store put together!

  4. Its so awesome! I wish I could visit when it opens! Good luck!!! :)

  5. This is so exciting! Congrats you guys! I'm jealous of Riley's studio space ;)
    Cant wait to see it when it opens!~

  6. I am excited for you guys! I know it will look so cute when you put your magic touch on it.

    Riley having his own studio space is awesome too!

  7. i wish i lived in your area so i could shop at your store...unfortunately i live hundreds of miles away! i've only been to OK once but maybe again someday... good luck!!