Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi friends!!
If you read my other blog today, you know I've been waiting all day for UPS to deliver some packages! It was a brutal wait but it finally arrived!
One of the things that arrived was this awesome anchor water bottle that is stainless steel and decorated with lead-free inks.

Some rad coin purses; like this one!!

These hilarious tin banks!!

What will you save up for? Fight terrorism? Clone your cat?

After all the excitement of getting our new merchandise we headed to Davinci's Coffeehouse for some yummy bella cherry frozen coffee! So yum.

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we <3 you yo.


  1. EEEEKKKKKK I've been holding off on getting a stainless steel now I know why, it was in the stars for me to wait and get one of these awesome ones from The Felt Bird!!!!

  2. haha!! Yay!! We'll have one right here waiting for you!! Kinda like Richard Marx

  3. I looooooove the piggy banks

  4. Great products! Wish I lived in OK...will you have an online store also?!!!

  5. i love your new goods!! put me down for 1 of each!

  6. haha that coin purse is so cute and so are those banks!! so exciting to be getting merch in the mail! :)

  7. Michelle Brunner said...
    will you have an online store also?!!!

    *We hope to in the future!

  8. I want that water bottle!!! So so so badly!!!! I use stupid plastic cups at work every day and have to throw them away and really need to get a reusable bottle. That one is so perfect!
    How can I get my hands on thisssss? :)