Sunday, August 2, 2009


This was our yesterday...

We started with one of several trips to Lowe's. Dexter was a hit!
Also, Dexter was scared of being in the cart so I had to carry him the whole time.

We started by scraping the last business's name off the window. Now, it's clean and ready for ours!!

The color we chose to paint the wall is an off white called fox trot. We plan to have a colored ceiling and colored floors so we had to keep it balanced.

I got to de-yellow our walls while Riley had to mud some nastiness.

After Riley patched up holes and such he moved on to these poles.

Goodbye poles!

The rest of the day was spent painting the walls.
Don't freak out on us with all the whiteness below!! The ceiling will change and we're ripping up that carpet and going to the cement that's underneath & that will be painted! Please bare with us, it will look better! Also we're painting that half wall another color.

Today we will be painting the ceiling and adding another coat onto the walls. Wish us luck & thanks for reading!!


  1. You guys are doing awesome. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. It's exciting that the process has begun! All that white does look scary (sort of sterile and yucky like "The Office" office!) but I have faith that it's going to look totally awesome when you're finished!

  3. p.s. my email address is :)

  4. ooh, I can't wait to see the ceiling and floors! you definitely need a balance of color. :)

  5. wow! you guys are rocking on getting that place ready! can't wait to see what you work on next! :)

  6. Cute photos! Looks like the new shop is moving right along, thanks to it's two very proactive owners. I made your cupcakes last night and put lots of love into them. I used an assortment of colors that seem to be popular, so hopefully your new customers will eat them up.

    You guys really didn't want stripper poles right in the middle of your store? I can't see why not.... :-)~