Friday, March 26, 2010

The sun is shining and it is getting warmer here in Oklahoma! It's finally starting to feel like Spring!
One of my favorite things about Spring is the return of green grass and flowers.
For those who can't wait for a little green in their lives we have something for you that is NEW here at the felt bird!

Check out these growbot planters!!

You put the peat and seeds (which are provided) into the planter with water and watch the green grass grow!
Once the grass is finished growing, the planter can be replanted or used as a container for your home or office!

We also have these cutie animal planters!

These cuties also grow green grass! You can choose from a bear, monkey or kitty!

And we can't forget these adorable taterpots!!

You can grow one of three tasty herbs-oregano, basil & mint! They easily grow on any windowsill and can be transplanted after 4-8 weeks, or snipped for garnishing and cooking.

Also new at the felt bird....
Illume candles!

They smell amazing and come in really cool retro looking tins!

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  1. oh i so want that grobot!! does it have holes in the bottom for drainage? just curious :)