Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey friends!!

It seems like forever ago, but just the other day we painted some of our walls!
We painted our west wall blue!

and in the back of the store we painted one wall green.

Our east wall is still white and we're deciding what color to paint that. We're thinking the same blue as the west wall. What are your thoughts?

We also got in some cool new TOMS earlier this week!

Can't wait till that tree by our store gets some green on it!! I cannot wait for the warmer weather!!


  1. Wow! Your shop is so cute! I hope I can get to Enid sometime soon to check it out! - Rebelline

  2. Definitely blue!! It will make the back of the store pop more to have the two side walls be the soft blue. Beautiful!! The store has come such a long way since Day 1!!

  3. I love that blue! We are hopefully buying a house soon at that is the blue I have been daydreaming about to go in our new home. Very pretty.