Tuesday, October 13, 2009

we can't make up our mind!

Hey Friends! We need your help!
We are wanting to add some color to the store and Riley and I keep butting heads on which one. That's where you come in! Please vote in the poll above to help us out!

We plan to paint the wall behind the register and a nook we have; so not the whole wall.

Below are the color choices! The colors in the middle is our store color scheme.

We'd appreciate your vote!!



  1. Numero Dos would be fantastic :)
    I'm tagging tonight and will hit the post office tomorrow (hopefully!) to send you a box of fun stuffs!

  2. My whole house is blue, green, and brown (the same colors as #2)...funny thing is I really wanted to go with #1 but I couldn't find a rug...so that's how I picked green over burnt orange. I like it but I still want to ditch the rug and go for red or burnt orange...so I voted for #1!

  3. Number one feels inherently happy to me. Can't say no to that.

  4. I like number 2! Number 1 reminds me of the pictures you showed of the store when you guys first moved in!

  5. So do you want the store to have a calm feel or an excited feel? If you can answer that question, problem solved.

    The blue and the orange are opposites on the color wheel...that will give the store an exciting feel...(much like the yellow and red combo and McDonalds)

    The green and blue are close on the color wheel...this will give it a soothing feeling.

    You could also read about color theory which is very interesting. Yellow makes you edgy and most people have a house with a yellow room have most of their fights in the yellow room.

    Back in the old days, hospitals were green (along with doctors in green scrubs) because red and green are opposites and the green scrubs calmed the look of the red blood...

    Anyway, maybe you should look up a site on color theory and see if there is a color for making lots of cash :)

  6. Number ONE! It's BRITE! BOLD! FIERY! Green is dull and looks like mold. I can't believe green is winning in the pole. I vote ONE!

  7. I live by the ocean, so I have to vote for green. It's so earthy and airy next to the colors in the middle that you're already using... and there isn't any reason why you can't put accessories in the store that have pops of that gorgeous red for a punch of something bold.