Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet A Maker- Felix & Jayne

We'd like to introduce you to this week's Meet A Maker!
Meet Cristi Martin, creator of Felix & Jayne
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
the awesomeness: clutches, rings, cuffs, headbands, barrettes & necklaces!

*how did you come up with the name Felix&Jayne?
Jayne is my middle name and even though I'm the only person in my company I liked the idea of being part of a team, someone to celebrate with when things are good or someone to blame when things are bad, so that's where Felix came in.

*Can you tell us a little about your background and what compelled you to start a craft business?
I've always been a crafter but while in college I thought I wanted to be an artist with a capital A. I got my degree in painting but with no clear plan for how to make a living as a painter, I ended up working a few clerical jobs. I was working for a doctor when I started the business and couldn't see myself making a long term commitment to the job. As my business began to grow I found it difficult to balance both and began to pursue turning Felix & Jayne into a full time business. In October it will be 2 years since I quite working at the doctors office and although it has been a lot of hard work I wouldn't change anything.

*Where does your inspiration come from?
For me inspiration comes from the creative process itself. A lot of my process depends on my mood, when I'm screen printing or sewing the design on the bag, mostly I just go. I don't really think about what I'm doing, I just do it. If I can't make something work I'll put it away and cut out new bags or iron interfacing.

*2 favorite websites?
Design Sponge

*What’s next for Felix&Jayne?
Conquering the craft fair season

*Any tips or advice for anyone starting their own craft business?
Sign up for the JoAnn sales newsletter and invest in a good coffee maker.

* 5 random facts about you!

**I would watch infomercials all day if I could, especially the ones featuring knives or cleaning products. You never know when you're going to need to cut a cement block in half with a kitchen knife.
**I hate when people take photos of me while I'm eating.
**I absolutely love clogging, its by far my favorite style of dance.
**I've never eaten shrimp. Ever.
**I believe that a couple should sit on opposite sides of a booth. I'm pretty firm on this.

You can find Felix & Jayne at The Felt Bird!!
Wanna know more about F&J?

Thanks Cristi!!


  1. yay! that was so great.

    i too mentioned felix & jayne in my blog today... ...

    i met cristi at renegade and she was so sweet!

  2. haha i definitely second that couples should sit on opposite sides of the booth! i love my boyfriend but i love my own space while i eat even more. i love felix and jayne headbands! if i could, i would have one for every day of the week, but her barrettes are pretty rad too!

  3. great feature and cool products!love the rings!

  4. Adorableness all around. The creativity just jumps right off my computer screen. I, too, don't like my picture taken while eating.

  5. I need a headband..yes, NEED! Her stuff is amazing!

  6. I love your blog on Felix & Jayne.. her stuff IS very awesome. You really should ask her to clog for you :) I know you and Cristi will do great at the Girlie Show!