Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey friends!
Riley is starting to screen print! woot woot!

speaking of cool new things...we have some!
crochet bangles

bow pins! (for your cardigan, bag, etc.)

crochet sushi keychains!

Also, next Friday is First Friday here in downtown Enid!!

I'm so excited about October!! It's my favorite month

I leave you with a song I'm currently loving
Fables by The Dodos

What are you mostly excited about in October?


  1. the falling leaves
    marron glacé
    to have many cups of tea
    to put my favorite scarf on
    long walks wit hmister carlo through the germany forest the end of october my birthsday!

  2. October is my favorite as well! Cool weather, hot tea, warm socks and my birthday! xoxo

  3. i love october because of halloween!!! :) and my birthday is the day after, so its technically november but whatever! and the fall weather= excuse to buy new clothes! or just live in my cardigans everyday :)