Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

We have new things!

fleece scarves, handbags and tie cuffs from Promise Art!

As well as love bot bots & french toast plushies from Samaria Project!

Jessie from Samaria Project also sent along a lovely bird plush for Dexter!! He modeled it for us last night

He loves his new toy! Thanks Jessie!!!

We leave you with our mini playlist!! 8 songs we're obsessed with currently!

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What songs can't you get enough of?


  1. I would love a post about how business is going. Whether you have some regulars that pop in all the time!

  2. i love that tie cuff! i never wear bracelets, but i think with all the awesome ones at the felt bird.. that may have to change soon haha! :)

  3. Everything looks lovely! I would SO love to cuddle with one of those robot plushies!

  4. your store looks adorable! I hope to visit sometime.