Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We started the day with finishing up our counter!
The paint was complete; we just needed to put a top on it!

Notice how the counter use to look in the picture below (counter is to your left)!

And here it is now!

I'm very happy with how it came out!
Next Riley put up our First Friday banner!!

And lastly, Riley rebuilt our half wall. Before it was a slat wall; so he stripped that. We wanted to keep it because it separated the shop from my future work space. We plan to expand the store in the future and that's when it will be removed. But for now, it's just getting a face life.

after being stripped

(don't worry that corner is complete, I just took the picture early! hehe)

He replaced it with plywood and we hope to put floating shelves on it one day.

See you tomorrow!


  1. I'm getting a new impression of Riley! He's an untapped carpenter! Way to go! ( My wife is getting impatient with the store openning, I have to read the daily reports to her)

  2. It's so amazing! The little differences you're making are really transforming this space :) I can't wait to come shop!

  3. yay! it's all coming together! I had no idea Riley was such a handyman... :)

  4. Everything is looking so awesome! The counter, the banner, the divider wall- you guys are doing great with all of these improvements!