Friday, May 13, 2011

Riley's Favorites!

Happy Friday friends! Today is my (Riley's) turn to share my favorite things in the store!

First up we have the amazing Mix Stix. I have had these at home for awhile now and it has changed the way I mix...TO THE BEAT! Not to hype them up to much but I may have actually became a better drummer in the process.

tick.tick.tick.tick...ITS A FREAKING HAMBURGER TIMER! No detailed explanation needed.

OK so I will admit I do not have one of these at home, mostly because Stela and Dexter would kill me. I get most of my enjoyment from this awesome little noise maker when watching every adult that touch them turn into a 10 year old boy as they have to press every button at least once. That is my idea of a good time...strange right?

Another pretty self explanatory one...

"Oh man this cookie sheet is really hot...AHHHHH SHARK!"

Last but certainly not least we have a MOOSEstach wallet (get it?)

Toddland makes a lot of awesome wallets actually. You should come laugh at them with me some time.

Have an awesome forever!

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