Saturday, April 2, 2011

feelin' giddy!

We are feeling absolutely giddy today! It feels & smells like Spring!
According to our Daily Mood flip chart the definition to Giddy is...

1 Having a reeling, lightheaded sensation: Shredding documents always makes me giddy.

2 Frivolous and flighty: I get a bit giddy after my tenth beer.

To exite to the point of dizziness or confusion: Giddy up, cowboy.

From the Old English "gydig" insane, mad, stupid, possessed by a spirit. Giddy can be traced back to the same Germanic root "gud-" that has given us the word God. The Germanic word "gudigaz" meant "possessed by a god". The modern sense of giddy as "lighthearted, frivolous" is an extreme secularization of the word.

Synonym: A dozen warm chocolate chip cookies-all in one sitting
Antonym: Prison yard

Pig Latin: Iddygay

Thanks Daily Mood!
Have a giddy day everyone!!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I haven't visited your blog since before I had my baby... Of course this is a totally different blog... but, it really looks like your store is doing well!

    Random comment... but, you were one of my fave bloggers before I had the baby (the Paper Lady). I now have been blogging for over a year at The Paper Mama.

    Love the pup! I will definitely be here more often.