Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday friends!
When are the flowers going to grow?! In the meantime I'm sharing some floral products with you.

Ok, so this has nothing to do with flowers, obvs. But it's cute and bright and new! The sweetest little wallet ever!

Here we have the Desk Daisy, iGrobot and flower in a can!
The Desk Daisy's petals are colorful paper clips that cling to magnets in the center of each flower. BAM! Instant springtime on your desk!
The iGrobot is an awesome ceramic robot that comes with peat & seeds to grow grass.
Flower in can are available in pansy & dahlia! Just pop the top and add water and sunlight!

Have springtime with you all the time...on your ears!

This economy may suck but this coin purse sure doesn't!

Sweet brooches from!

(Do you like creepy puppy in the corner? We sure do. This may have to be my favorite thrift find to date. He's a lamp for crying out loud! An awesome .75 cent lamp)

Do we really have to make another sign for you Spring?! Get here now!!!!

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