Friday, January 14, 2011

We are very excited to have kidrobot at the felt bird!
Kidrobot is the world's premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel. Kidrobot creates toys, apparel, accessories, and other products in collaboration with many of the world's most talented artists and designers.

We have Yummy Breakfast keychains!

I'm personally in love with these adorable happy and sometimes very sad foods! Kidrobot partnered up with amazing plush artist Heidi Kenney to create these awesome keychains.
They are blind-boxed which means you'll be surprised by what you get! A cupcake or sad banana?

The Simpsons mini figures!

The Simpsons also are blind-boxed so you can't see which of the 24 characters you'll get!

Mini Munny!

With the Mini Munny you get to be the artist! Draw, paint, color, glue, cut or clothe your mini munny! The possibilities are endless. Each mini munny includes a mystery accessory, a sticker and a mini marker.

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