Saturday, November 20, 2010

A shipment of TOMS arrived this week!
Some new styles include..

Ocean cords

Silver Morocco

Red canvas

As well as a restock of glitters! These are going really quick!

We also got in some more funky knee high socks! Below are the camera & monkey with headphones socks.

We will be getting another shipment of socks on Wednesday!

Next week...Spend your Black Friday with us!!
We will open next Friday at 11am and greet you with free cupcakes & warm apple cider and...SALES!! It'll be nice and stress free!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!! See you Friday!


  1. The last time I tried on some Toms, my cousin almost had me convinced that they looked good on me. If I do bite the bullet and buy some, it will naturally have to be the glitter ones.

    I want to come to your shop on Black Friday! We'll have family in town, so I may end up visiting with them all day. But maybe I could convince them that a mini-road trip is exactly what we need....

  2. What a wondrous way to spend black Friday! I will try to come in black!!
    Katie Getz