Monday, January 4, 2010

This past weekend we painted our floors and added polyurethane. It was a real stinky blast.

We got the store back together today. We had to work with the doors open for awhile to help get the smelly polyurethane stink out; but not for long because we were freezing. I'm ready for Spring already.

I don't know if you've noticed but we are movers. We LOVE change. Not just in the store; but in our lives. We've lived in 4 different places in the past 4 years.
I will say, I HATE packing. I throw a fit.

We also have these now!

The vegan friendly TOMS Habitante canvas shoe that features statistics about the inhabitants of the world as a village.
# Made from recycled and sustainable materials
# Recycled texture twill upper
# Soft faux suede insole
# Recycled rubber blend sole with textured bottom for improved traction
# Arch and heel support

Also, black is back (for women)!

Now I'll continue watching the Degrassi marathon.



  1. i love all the change! it keeps things interesting! happy new year, felt bird!

  2. The place is looking sharp!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!


  3. Yay! Tara and I are excited to come visit tomorrow.

  4. oh yay! those TOMS are great!
    As per usual, your store looks fantastic!!! Congrats!
    happy twenty ten!