Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet A Maker- Fried Okra

We'd like to introduce you to this week's Meet A Maker!
Meet Adrian Mix, creator of Fried Okra.
Location: Ponca City, Oklahoma
the awesomeness: sock monkeys and coffee cuffs

*how did you come up with the name Fried Okra?

I was hungry! It's always been my absolute favorite food :) Okra any other way is totally disgusting, the slime factor is overwhelming.

*Can you tell us a little about your background and what compelled you to start a craft business?
I've just always really enjoyed making things, it's like an itch you can never scratch. Mom's super creative, sisters, grandmother, grandfather, etc... all artisans in their own way :)
I started selling simply so I could stay home with the kids and not have to go get some soul sucking job. And now I can pay for my own fabric :)

*Where does your inspiration come from?

The socks speak to me! They tell me they long to be a sock monkey, they don't want to live their life stuffed in a shoe :)
For real though... colors, patterns, texture, old & new mixed together.

*2 favorite websites?

Etsy of course!
I'm a big fan of these blogs, simply as a needed daily laugh:

*What’s next for Fried Okra?

I've recently gotten hooked on weaving, I can feel it leading me in a fun direction.
A lot of the same ole same ole, fabric keeps me always interested and inspired.

*Any tips or advice for anyone starting their own craft business?

I don't feel especially qualified for this question!
Be your own person!
Branding too, make yourself recognizable.

* 5 random facts about you!

1. I am a *huge* Wes Anderson fan. He is genius :)
2. My sister and I learned to knit from an issue of Martha Stewart Kids. Well, she learned then showed me what I was doing wrong.
3. I'm secretly hooked on Plants vs. Zombies, I play everyone elses account while they're at school/work. I think I'm pretty darn good!
4. I have 13 earrings in each ear. No particular reason, just stopped at 13 :)
5. I'm actually a very shy hermit-like person, what you see is my nervous-don't-mind-me-I'm-totally-cool alter ego.

You can find Adrian's sock monkeys and coffee cuffs here at the felt bird!

Wanna know more about Adrian and Fried Okra?

Thanks Adrian!


  1. What a nice feature....the sock monkeys are adorable! LOVE LOVE the blue stripey!

  2. Yay Adrian! I love Plants vs. Zombies, too!