Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our store hours this week:

Monday: 12-6pm (That's right, we're open on Monday since it's Christmas week and we're here for you. Normally we are not; but it's a special week. so yeah.)
Tuesday: 12-6pm
Wednesday: 12-6pm
Thursday: (CHRISTMAS EVE) 12-4pm
Saturday: 12-6pm

Do your last minute shopping with us at the felt bird!

Get your holiday week organized with this hilarious holiday check list! Now on sale for only $5!!

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. I want to come Christmas shopping at your store! I guess I sort of did already, because I bought one of those funny notepads when I visited for the grand opening. My future mother-in-law is going to LOVE it!

  2. hahah yeah you jerks normally arent there for us on mondays! thanks for being pals and being open yesterday :D