Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday and Monday was spent rearranging the store & painting the walls

Green won the online poll but when we asked our shoppers to choose they all chose the reddish orange; so we decided to go with that. And I'm very happy with the decision.

And yes, that's Dexter in a Christmas sweater!

Not only does our store have a new look we also have some new products!

Adorable handmade ornaments from Lova Revolutionary

beautiful prints from Nimish Parekh Photography

Bear & owl shirts screen printed locally by riley

More gorgeous necklaces from Simple Splendor

And TOMS shoes

that's just some of the new things we have going on at The Felt Bird!

Oh, and we now have gift cards!


  1. Yey!! The store looks fantastic!! I REALLY need to come down and check it out in person...and pick up lots of goodies of course!

  2. i love the new set up with the counter! just from that picture, it makes the store look so much bigger.. and the color was a good choice! oh yeah, and that new sign is so cool! the felt bird is looking awesome!

  3. Your store is looking pretty amazing, my friends! It makes me want to spend lots and lots of money, so you must be doing something right. ;-)

  4. I need to get out there for a visit, thanks for featuring the posters!