Thursday, October 22, 2009


We got lovely NEW items in the store this week!!

JDSTAR woven bracelets!

more crochet bows from Sue!!

more cupcake necklaces from hollyrocks!

NEW sock monkey & coffee cuffs from Fried Okra

scarfettes from Kelly Georgette!

This Saturday is the SPCA Wine & Food Festival in downtown Enid! Get your tickets before the event!! We hope to see you there!

About the poll...
GREEN WON!!! WOOT WOOT! That was my color choice (stela). Riley chose the burnt orange. The only problem is that I asked our customers and they chose Riley's color! So it looks like the red/orange really won since everyone in the store chose that one.
But I will use that green for at least one wall! hehe
Thank you to everyone who voted!!


  1. HEY! Great stuff. I like teh Hollyrocks necklaces and her blog is awesome. If you'd be interested in some of my little dresses or light-weight stroller blankets on consignment, pls let me know - i'd love to be in your cool shop. :-)

  2. I was with Riley on that one!! It will look great which ever way you go!

  3. oh...and let me know if you need any art prints for your shop :) I'd be happy to send some to OK!

  4. haha that sock monkey is so cute! i love his smile!!! i love those crochet bows, too!

  5. oh shit i need that sock monkey! seriously i have to come buy one for jon. he was real excited when i told him fried okra made them but when i went to their etsy they didnt have any made so i will come and buy alllllll of yours!