Friday, August 21, 2009

This morning Riley and I woke up at 5am (super, super early for us) and headed to Frisco, TX to go to IKEA!! I wanted to get there at the time they opened (10am). So we packed some coffee and redbulls and made our way to the amazing place that is Ikea. I was so excited to finally go shopping there; better than online browsing!! We picked up some lamps, rugs, little tables, shelving units, etc.

We were there for 5 HOURS! Is that normal? I have a feeling it is! We kept walking back and forth trying to find the perfect pieces; it definitely didn't feel like we were there that long.
I love Ikea.

I'd also like to thank Enid Buzz blog for mentioning us in their blog this morning!! THANK YOU!

Ok, time to get back to assembling our Ikea goodies


  1. Those are some great light fixtures! I can't wait to come see it all put together! OH and 5 hours is definitely normal! Did you get to eat the meatballs in their cafeteria?

  2. I love ikea!! The true Ikea experience should be 5 hours.. haha! I never have that much time! My friend just moved over by that Ike... I'm so jealous! They have so much cool stuff :)

  3. oh man, just five hours?!?! The first time I went- I think we were there for SIX! I keep fantasizing about when I will be able to go back.. LOL

    They have SO SO SO much cool stuff, it is incredible! I love walking through the show room part and seeing all the things they do with it!! :)

    I am so happy for you and your shop!

  4. Ikea is a land where time stands still...