Monday, August 24, 2009

Our glorious pup Dexter hasn't been to the shop since the first day. We've taken him to Riley's parents' house every morning to play with his doggie friends while we work on the store. Well, little Mr. Dexter finally got to get acquitted with the new place today!

And he approves! He also was dying to test out all the new rugs we got.

His favorite was the big rug under the feature table. He said he liked all the colors; they were pretty.

Riley put up our new window lights last night!! I LOVE them! We also moved the old colorful chairs to the window for our window display.

Check out our counter ceiling lights that Riley put up today!

We also painted some of our furniture and small displays.

My favorite would have to be this table Riley painted red and grey!

and here is our pimpalicious purple table!

It's all coming together!!


  1. i love that purple table! and ikea rugs!! and, if i could i would have that little red ikea table in every color... i have a few scattered around the apt here. they are so handy!

    also-- the shop window looks great :)

  2. I love that you are using those chairs in the window display! It is all coming together wonderfully! Cheers to the Felt Bird!

  3. It looking great! I wish I could come to the opening! Love the ikea rugs and all the furniture! :)

  4. Dexter is the cutest shop dog I have ever seen!

  5. wow, everything looks great! congrats :)

  6. It's all looking so fantastic! I'll have stuff to send to you this week. I'm bummed to miss the grand opening, but I'll figure out a time soon after to come visit the shop!

  7. omg you guys are amazing! i am just in awe of how great everything looks. i don't know if that orange rug is from ikea but if it is let me give you a little advice. do not wash it. we washed our and it looked like an orange chicken exploded in the washer. luckily we have an ikea trip planned soon so we can replace our favorite orange rugs!